Senior Living & Home Care

Senior Living & Home Care

Provide your members more peace of mind with the VideoDoc® Telehealth touchpoint.

  • Remote Member Monitoring provides fresh insight to their current health, enabling family members to curb preventable medical problems

  • Real-time health alerts send directly to family or health care professionals via text messaging

  •  Built-in virtual visits lets members easily communicate with family and health care professionals

No need to acquire an EMR with the Videodoc®

Where other telehealth providers leave compliance to you, VideoDoc® manages your member data.

Home Care agencies are rushing to add Telehealth as a touch point for their members, but there are numerous regulations, protections of medical data, and other requirements that most agencies want to ensure that they are fulfilling.  J&B Virtual Solutions stores and maintains everything you need to maintain proper compliance and will help you navigate how to roll out a Telehealth program with minimal impact.

Laptop with VideoDoc software on screen

Only VideoDoc® has an intuitive member dashboard that lets you easily enroll, organize users by marketplace, and quickly create new revenue streams for your home care service while also providing world-class touchpoints for your members.

Show your clients that you provide the best at-home care experience on the market.