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Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions

J&B Virtual Solutions is a telehealth software solutions company that offers a complete system for health care professionals. VideoDoc® is our HIPAA and HITECH compliant telehealth platform that offers extensive video engagement options and utilizes our patented remote patient monitoring technology to capture, secure, and retrieve information on patient physiologies.

Our mission has always been to deliver easy to use technology that empowers patients and healthcare professionals to collaborate on the management of health, while increasing the efficiency and availability
of healthcare.

We are excited to show you how we continue to accomplish this mission with our latest technology.

Learn more about how our experience and expertise makes us an exceptional and unique Telehealth Service Provider

Quality and Experience

We provide you with professional telehealth software services by our experienced technical staff and development team. We have the best-in-class monitoring, diagnostic, and video services available on the market to date.

Security and Safety

We are proactively focused on security and have a strong infrastructure to support our clients. We are a FedRAMP ready organization for our security and adherence to NIST 800-53 controls, meaning we exceed HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Flexibility and Integration

We focus on software innovation paired with readily available hardware. We integrate wireless, FDA class-II medical peripherals natively into our software to provide the best user experience paired with the latest technology.

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